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A dedicated family team of funeral directors and funeral planners

Managing Director and Funeral Director  

David P. Butterfield Dip. F.D. M,B.I.F.D 


Susan Butterfield R.G.N & R.H.V - Bereavement Support


Brian Butterfield Dip. F.D. M,B.I.E.    


Doreen Butterfield

Funeral Directors

Alan Pearson 

Chris Reader-Viney

Mortuary Technician/Embalmer

Hayley Haugen M,B.I.E


Kevin Newton, M.Op & F.S.Op

Funeral Service and Memorial Operatives

Mark & Nick, M.Op & F.S.Op.          

Denis F.S.Op 

Steve & Tim, P/T, Casual  

Swinton - Office Admin

Diane Barron

Kimberworth - Reception/Admin

Andrea Carr

Trish Kelly-Herrington - Bereavement Support

Catering Staff

Jill White, Karen & Joanne 




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Butterfields strive to provide a sympathetic understanding to every situation. We use our expertise and guidance to make the passing of loved family member as painless as possible.

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